Are you a cyclist who has pain while riding your bike? Whether you are a competitive racer, a weekend warrior, a bike commuter, or you just enjoy riding your bike for fun, getting your bike fit properly to you can make a huge difference to your comfort on your bike.

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Why choose us for bike fitting services?

Emily combines her experience as a former competitive road and track cyclist and former bicycle mechanic and her experience as a physiotherapist to bring you unique insights into how best to adjust your bicycle to your individual body needs so you can ride without pain or injury.

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How does our bike fitting work?

Each assessment begins with a thorough one hour physiotherapy assessment of any injuries and concerns you have on and off the bike, including treatment and exercise prescription. Next, we put your bicycle on a stationary trainer and assess how you are positioned on the bicycle while you ride at different speeds and cadences that reflect your real-world riding needs.

Emily makes adjustments to your position in the clinic and sends you home with a more comfortable and efficient riding position, including a document with updated measurements for seat height, handle bar position, and more. This portion of the assessment takes 40-60 minutes.

The physiotherapy assessment portion and the on-bike portion are often booked as separate appointments to allow you more flexibility for booking times, since we know that finding 2 hours of free time can be challenging!

Stay active and comfortable on your bike with this service!